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  • Having Trouble Getting Bibliographic Control? You're Not Alone. Welcome to Cutter Girl!

    Welcome to Cutter Girl!

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    Okay, Cutter is an antiquated classification system about which some of us library school grads may have vague recollections, but don't deny it: it's SPECIAL. I have had the dubious pleasure of working hands-on with the Cutter system - Charles Amini Cutter invented the system one day after a night of heavy drinking and snuff-taking. However, Cutter is not what this site is all about.

    So stop fondling that first edition Edna St Vincent Millay book of poems, put down the cat, and start learning MORE! On this site you will find loads of resources for librarians, archivists, artists, voracious patrons, people fixated on books, obsessives with a penchant for obscure information, the heavily medicated, and people with nothing better to do than learn about the origins of, say, polyester. In the Why Library Science? section, I have rambled on about the hows and why of this cut-throat, edge-of-your-seat field, and why it's worthy of your love and devotion.

    The Resources section includes a myriad of online resources for the avid librarian. In the Reading section, you will find noteworthy book news, reviews, forthcoming releases, and other items of note to the literary community. There is also a page of Book Quotes if you would like to be rejuvenated by some great writing. My resume is on the site as well.

    Please feel free to learn more about Me and discuss the subject of enigmatic but saucy catalogers with your friends. Visit the Links page for some fun websites, library- and not library-related. If you take the time to sign my Guestbook, I will be stupendously appreciative! Enjoy the site, and feel free to send me feedback, tidbits, and fashion advice.

    9.11. 2001
    In Memoriam: Remembering Those Lost