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  • Cutter Girl! Links

    The following is a list of selected sites that I think are fun, astute, and fabulous. Links checked monthly for viability. Many more links to come shortly.

    The Society for Librarians Who Say "Motherfucker"
    Warrior Librarian
    Librarian Avengers
    Lipstick Librarian
    Marginal Librarian
    Laughing Librarian
    Library Spot
    Librarian Mythbreaker
    Librarians in the Movies
    Library Science Jargon That Sounds Dirty, courtesy of McSweeneys
    Buy my book! Choosing a Career in Information Science (for young adults)

    I'm obsessed with James Joyce. Why not join me?

    Dyoublong? My James Joyce microsite
    The Brazen Head

    Let's not forget celebrities!

    Rex Features Photos
    E! Online
    Getty Images