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    For the love of Zeus, WHY
    immerse yourself in the cutting edge world of library science? The answers are manifold and highly classified. But I can share some of them with you here.

    Do you have a love of books? Are you a voracious reader? I am. I devour knowledge and relish when I can share it with others. I also like to keep some to myself, but that's an issue which my future therapist and I can sort out. I am indebted to my parents for always telling me to "Look it up!" every time I had a question about some subject. Little did they know it would lead to a career in library science (and me asking them for money a little too often).

    But seriously, people, think about it. With the advent of the information age, blahblahblah. Okay, you all know this stuff. But WHO do you think is organizing all the print, electronic, and web information out there? Earl from Accounting? Aliens? Your Great Aunt Milene? Oprah (though she could probably do it)? It is information professionals; librarians, archivists, media specialists...the list goes on and on. For your school paper, you might need to know why they can't bury people in the ground in New Orleans, but we librarians actually want to know. And we want to help you want to know. Education of any kind is never wasted.

    I created this site mainly for fellow working LIS professionals who I thought could use a haven with helpful resources as well as areas for goofing off a bit. To maybe make Mr Crustybird the Third wait that extra two minutes for an 18th century tract on fruit juices, or let the vellum-bound collection of plays on the desk decay a bit longer (kidding! I don't want the conservation folks after me) before going back to work.

    A love affair with knowledge never ends in heartbreak.

    Hey, I want to spread the love. Can you blame me?